Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to own property to make money from AIRBNB?


NO... not at all and the best news is you do not need a lot of upfront capital to get started in building a business through the Airbnb platform.  There are multiple ways to earn income with Airbnb from managing other peoples properties on the site, to hosting an experience such as Kayaking in your local area.  Read more about these strategies in Million Dollar Host (for sale on this website).

Do I need to be a Registered Real Estate Agent to build a business with Airbnb?


It depends on what type of business you want to establish.  If you want to run a Property Managment business it is recommended to get your Real Estate Agent / Brokers licence and to run a Trust Account..... but if you want to start smaller you can invoice property owners for the services you provide.  Ask Julie how to do this...

How much money can I earn?


Once again it depends what level you want to approach this opportunity.  You may want to earn a few extra dollars a week and to achieve this you could list your spare room on Airbnb.  Alternatively you could build a Property Management business focusing on Airbnb properties which can bring in endless earnings!