Julie George million Dollar Host

Julie George million Dollar Host

Julie George million Dollar HostJulie George million Dollar HostJulie George million Dollar Host



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Get your copy of Million Dollar Host today...

  • Read Julie George's amazing story of how her Airbnb portfolio brings in MILLIONS of dollars a year!
  • Julie will give you mulitple strategies of how to make an income on the back of the sharing economy EVEN if you DO NOT OWN property yourself!

Purchase Templates / Forms


Do you want to replicate the success Julie has had in her own property management business??

We provide all of the forms and documents you need to get started in your Airbnb Property Management business.  YES these are the ones Julie used in her business. 

All documents are delivered in Word format so that you can easily manipulate them and put your own Business Name and Logo on them to use yourself.

Consultations / Mentoring


Do you want more help directly from Julie?

Julie is available for mentoring and consultations, willing to answer every question that you may have about this exciting new business opportunity!  

Consultations can take place over the phone, video conferencing or in person (yes, Julie will come to you if she is available).

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