Who is Julie George?

And what makes her a MILLION DOLLAR HOST?


Julie George discovered the world of Airbnb in 2016 when she listed her one bedroom unit on the platform. She went from earning $240 per week to $600 per week using the sharing platform of Airbnb.  It was at this stage that Julie realised this could be the 'alternative' a lot of property owners were searching for and set out to replicate her own success for others.

 With her experience in real estate, it was easy for her to compare the income generated from longterm rentals to the more lucrative short-holiday lets.  She established Host My Home in November 2016, one of the largest Airbnb Property Management companies in Australia, that now manages 115 properties bringing in nearly $3 million in bookings in 2018. 

Julie is considered the Industry Expert on Airbnb in Australia and has published a best selling book called Million Dollar Host (available on this site, Amazon and other leading online bookstores) outlining her story and her strategies. She is a sought after public speaker addressing conferences and seminars of like minded people from all over the world. She also offers mentoring and consulting to other budding entrepreneurs.

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